The company

M & R Builders

M & R is a family company created in 2015 and formed by a team of professional experts each specialised in the different construction areas.

Mario and Remus, both very experienced in the building business, are the owners of this renovations  and building company in Torrevieja. Both are specialised experts in the different construction areas with 10 and 25 years experience respectively working for other companies and now as self-employed for their own family business.

The final results of their work together with the quality of the materials used, guarantee the professional service provided by M & R Builders.


We provide you with the right and most important, adequate workmen for the building work required. We are experts in the building and renovation business.

Raw material

For our building work and renovations, we advise and use the right materials to ensure the good quality and finish of the job also. We also specialise in weather proofing properties.


We adapt to the clients’ needs from the very start and can install any accessories and ornamental items during or after the construction or renovation being carried out.

Meet the owners of M & R Builders


We specialise in preparing any surface to install the type of floor, either parquet, laminate, ceramic or marble floors. We are very experienced in finishing façades, painting, resurfacing or restoring them. Our knowledge and experience comes from more over 10 years of working for different companies in other European countries as well as directing and coordinating groups of 35 workmen in different construction jobs.


We are specialised in all electricity and plumbing areas, together with the creation of solid concrete foundation structures whilst working for a number of well-known companies in Hungary, Bulgaria, Rumania and Spain where he directed and coordinated groups of over 30 workmen for more then 25 years.

Our Works